1st Forum on Brexit by Brexithealthcare UPDATE!


Wednesday, 24th October in La Nucia

Thursday, 25th October in Alfal del Pi

Friday, 26th October in Benidorm


We are happy to announce that the 1st Forum on Brexit was a big success amongst the Expat community and many people attended the three days.

We were lucky enough to be joined by British Consul in Alicante, Mrs Sarah-Jane Morris, who was able to help clear up many concerns our guests had. Additionally, we were also joined by the Councillors for Foreign Residents, Mr Bart Gommans, at the La Nucia forum, Mrs Martine Mertens at the Alfaz forum and in Benidorm, we were joined by the Councillor for Civil Participation, Mrs Maria Jesus Pinto Caballero, who were very informative on the topic of the Padron.

Mr Serafin Fueyo, Chief inspector of the SATE office and Mr Antonio Selva, Chief of National Police in Benidorm, were also able to attend to give presentations on NIE and Residency in Spain and handed out information sheets on how, why and where to get these documents.

To cover the topic of health care, Brexit Health Care gave a presentation on the public sector and IMED gave one on the private sector.

We were also very lucky to have been joined on Friday by Mayor of Benidorm, Mr Toni Perez, who gave a speech about the importance of the British community here in Benidorm.

All the information given at the event can be found in the PDF Expat Essential Guide on this website, as well as, PDF versions of the EX-15/EX-18 forms needed to get NIE or Residency.

Please see below for photos from the forums: