Brits’ reciprocal healthcare rights in EU may ‘cease after Brexit’

Lords report: Brits’ reciprocal healthcare rights in EU may ‘cease after Brexit’

Increasingly growing evidence suggests Brits in Spain need to make sure they are accessing health care in the correct way before Brexit. Spain’s health care system is contribution based, so it is important to ensure you have the right to access it.

Please download and read the Lords report on reciprocal healthcare from the link provided below.


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Provided for in Article 19(1) of Regulation 883/2004, the European Health
Insurance Card entitles EU/EEA and Swiss citizens to “needs-arising”
healthcare in another Member State, as if they were an insured resident of that
country. The EHIC also covers treatment for long-term conditions, such as
the costs associated with dialysis that EU/EEA and Swiss citizens with kidney
conditions would otherwise incur when travelling.
The EHIC is not valid for private treatment and only entitles the holder to
access state-provided healthcare during temporary stays in the EU/EEA and
Switzerland. It does not cover costs such as repatriation; for this reason, the
Government advises individuals to purchase travel insurance when visiting
other EU/EEA Member States and Switzerland. In addition, the EHIC does
not cover individuals who use the card to travel abroad specifically to have
treatment—such costs are covered by the S2 scheme.


House of Lords: European Union Committee, Brexit: Reciprocal Healthcare, published 28.03.2018.