“cashing in on Brexit”, Giving Britons on the continent the last kick out the door

The Home Office has hiked fees sharply for UK nationals to renounce their British nationality, following a Brexit surge in people adopting the citizenship of other European countries.

Ministers were accused of “cashing in on Brexit” and giving Britons living on the continent a “last kick out the door” after it emerged fees were quietly raised to more than £1,000 for a family of three.

The Independant, 29th May 2018

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Informational Insert

-UK nationals cannot have dual Spanish/ British citizenship. The process to become a Spanish national requires 10 years of permanent residence in Spain, and be deemed by the authorities to have a ‘sufficient’ degree of integration into Spanish society, for example, being able to speak Spanish and taking part in social activities that are part of the Spanish way of life.

There are some exceptions to this rule: The required period of residence for citizenship is just one year if you are born in Spain to legal foreign residents, married to a Spaniard, widowed from a Spaniard, or the child or grandchild (even if born outside Spain) of a Spanish national by birth or residence.-