New rules from the DGT on UK driving licenses for residents of Spain

Should BREXIT take place, the UK will no longer belong to the European Union, and so all agreements on trade within the EU will no longer be valid for UK citizens.

This means that the driving licenses from the UK will only be valid for driving in Spain during the first 9 months after BREXIT.

If you want to continue driving in Spain, you must exchange your UK driving license for a Spanish equivalent and surrender your UK license.

The DGT has launched a protocol that will allow the exchange of your UK license to a Spanish equivalent in the same preconditions to BREXIT without having to wait for the signing of a new agreement between countries or having to obtain a new Spanish driving license.

You MUST be a holder of a UK driving license, have *habitual residence in Spain and submit an application before November 1, 2019. So whatever happens on October 31, 2019, you will be guarantee the exchange of your license for a period of 9 months from the date of BREXIT.

You will have to surrender your UK license and will be issues with a provisional Spanish one. Within approximately a month and a half you will receive your full Spanish license.

Remember:  The deadline for application for the special redemption is October 31, 2019 .

*You must have a residency certificate for Spain to obtain a Spanish driving license.


Here you can find the form needed to change a UK driving license to Spanish:

Information on how to change your driving license: