The possible consequences of a No-Deal Brexit

The UK government recently issued a paper regarding citizens’ rights in the event of a no- deal Brexit. (Link below), informing EU citizens in the UK and Expats in the EU, of their rights in the event the withdrawal agreement was voted down in parliament.

The Government has engaged extensively with UK nationals in the EU over the last two years and we understand the uncertainty that would be faced by UK nationals in the event of a ‘no deal’ scenario. We have always acted to ensure that UK nationals can continue to live their lives broadly as they do now, and that remains our objective in a ‘deal’ and ‘no deal’ scenario. However the UK cannot act unilaterally to protect the rights of UK nationals in the EU and that is why we have always prioritised reaching a reciprocal agreement with the EU. The Withdrawal Agreement is the only way the UK Government can guarantee the rights of the one million UK nationals living in the EU.

Please read more on the subject, following the links below from GOV.UK and the European Commission. It is vital to be informed on the current situation and the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal.


Healthcare Access

While there has yet to be a firm conclusion on how UK nationals will be covered for healthcare in the EU after the UK leaves, it is important to understand what has been negotiated so far and how that could affect your personal situation.

Aspects of the reciprocal healthcare and social security coordination section of the Withdrawal Agreement require reciprocity from the EU or individual Member States and cannot be protected unilaterally. We are exploring options to protect past social security contributions, made in the EU and the UK, and reciprocal healthcare arrangements in the unlikely event of a ‘no deal’ scenario. We are in the early stages of discussions and will announce further details of such options prior to our exit to allow citizens to make appropriate arrangements

Find out more following the links provided.

Thursday, 10th January BREXIT HEALTH CARE will be live on Fresh Radio Spain with information on the topic and discussing residency and the importance of keeping up to date with Brexit.